Virtual Staff NH

                                                                            The Modern Way to Staff Your Office

                                  Accounting and Administrative Support

                                                                                                           for Businesses and Individuals

For Businesses

Virtual Staff is the Answer

Do you have too much work to do it all yourself but not enough for a full time employee?

Virtual Staff is the answer.  


Do you need more staff but don’t have the space, the desk, or the computer station?

Virtual Staff is the answer.


Do you need a little extra help just to meet that deadline or prepare that presentation? 

Virtual Staff is the answer.


Do you wish that you could get that monthly newsletter out on time?

Virtual Staff is the answer.


Call Virtual Staff. 


We will get the work completed accurately and on time. 


It’s a contemporary way to staff your office.  


And Individuals

Virtual Staff is the Answer

Whether you’re a busy executive or a soccer mom, when you’re out of time we can help. 

No time to pay the bills or reconcile the checkbook?  Let Virtual Staff do it for you. 

Don’t let time constraints affect your credit rating; we’ll get your checkbook balanced and your payments out on time. 

Virtual Staff is the answer.

No time to get those birthday holiday cards out?  Let Virtual Staff do it for you.

There's no need to disappoint your family and friends.  When you're short on time we can help.

 Virtual Staff is the answer.

We offer weekly and monthly service.  When it all gets to be too much to handle on your own, don’t stress, call Virtual Staff.

We can help.

It’s the modern way to manage your home.


         Available Services


        ·         Accounts Payable Processing

        ·         Accounts Receivable Processing

        ·         Bank Statement Reconciliation

        ·         Brochures

        ·         Budgeting

        ·         Computer Support

        ·         Correspondence

        ·         Cost Analysis

        ·         Direct Mail

        ·         Employee Handbooks

        ·         Financial Reports

        ·         Human Resource Services

        ·         Insurance Administration

        ·         Loss Prevention

              ·          Mail Merge      

              ·       Newsletters

        ·         Network Administration

        ·         Payroll Processing

        ·         Press Releases

        ·         Safety Manuals

        ·         Special Projects

        ·         Whatever needs to be done


           Helping your business grow

             by keeping overhead low.

Take the Progressive Approach

Virtual Staff is the Answer

Thinking of hiring some new office staff?    Why incur the added setup expense and increase your overhead?

When there’s work to be done call Virtual Staff to assist you.

·         We supply the office space.

·         We supply the office equipment.

·         We supply the virtual staff.

·         You save on employment taxes.

·         You save on benefits such as vacation pay and sick time.

·         You save on insurance & 401k.

·         You even save on office supplies.

Virtual Staff is a win-win for any business. 


At Fees You Can Afford

Virtual Staff is the Answer 

Whether it’s an occasional occurrence during the Holidays or fiscal year end, regular weekly service or somewhere in between.   

Virtual Staff is an affordable alternative.        

We can often save you money by avoiding the unnecessary cost of additional staff, office space, computers, etc.  So why not start saving today? 

  Hire Virtual Staff NH and you'll have over 25 year's 

of accounting, administrative & management experience

at your service. 

Call now: 603-642-7542


References gladly furnished upon request.

Gift certificates and pickup/delivery service available. 

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